“As a child, I learned to play the fiddle. It was fun, but I was lacking instruction on technique. So, as you can imagine, a plateau was reached and no progression was made past that point, so in the case my violin went for 15 years. Heather’s Weekly Violin Exercise Program and The Great 38 have truly been an inspiration and blessing to me, a homeschool mother of three. I am currently teaching my oldest son and two other children how to play the violin. I never would have dreamed that to be possible. So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!”

Janet Clifton, Violinist

“I am loving the Weekly Violin Exercise Program, I find the video clips each week along with the exercise, helpful and concise, and I love the the focus of a violinist and a composer each week too, all very inspirational and keeps me motivated.  I thought your fourth finger exercise looked brilliant.  A very big thank you to you Heather, you’re style of teaching really works for me. Putting it all into practice and passing it on to my students each day gives me a thrill like no other…….I guess you know all about that.  A very exciting time to be playing the violin, I’m loving every moment !!”

Sally Anne Wastney, Violinist – Nelson School of Music

“I found Heather because I had broken my left wrist (needed surgery and the whole thing) and I was so bummed and wanted to get back to playing as soon as possible. I found Heather’s wonderful inspiring video of how she was totally cured after her wrist fracture and I felt much better. My recovery went very well and I essentially used playing as my PT. I also went to PT and brought in the violin to show the therapist what I needed to do. I was back at rehearsals in about 4 weeks. I am an amateur violinist but love playing. Thank you Heather for your words of inspiration and of course thank you for your wonderful Weekly Violin Exercise Program. What a gift!”

Irene Glasser, Ph.D.Adjunct Professor in Anthropology, Roger Williams University Adjunct Lecturer, Anthropology Department, Brown University Research Associate, Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Brown University Professor Emeritus in Anthropology, Eastern Connecticut State University

“Taking lessons with Heather has been a life-changing experience for me on my violin journey. She is a phenomenal violinist and teacher. In my first sessionwith her she immediately knew what we needed to work on to reach my goals as a violinist. She takes my goals very seriously, which is what I like about her. She knew I had been playing the violin for many years, but noticed there were some things that I needed to relearn and there were some holes in my education on the violin. One thing that I had difficulties with for many years was my double-jointed pinky in the left and right hand. Being double-jointed in those fingers affected my bow hold and intonation. Working with Heather I started to see an improvement in my pinky finger in as little as one week.

One technique that I was not taught was spiccato. I was so happy to learn this technique. It was a new and fun experience. Again in a short amount of time I started to see improvements in my spiccato. Prior to taking lessons with Heather I did not like to practice. I felt disconnected from the instrument, had no practice routine, and no idea how to practice, which made practicing very frustrating. Now I look forward to practicing and have a practice routine. I look forward to practicing and absolutely have to do it. It is very therapeutic.

Heather’s methods of teaching are unlike any other violin teacher’s methods. She teaches difficult techniques in a fun and relaxing way. It is because of her that I am a holistic violinist. I was inspired by the way she taught and dealt with her students on a mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional way. Being her student has allowed me to connect with the violin on a whole new level mentally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. It has become part of me as if I am one with the instrument.

I am truly thankful and grateful for her and SO happy that we met. Every person from newbie to advanced levels on the violin should take lessons with Heather. You will only grow with her on your violin journey!

For violin teachers I highly recommend watching her videos on Youtube and her very own Online Violin Education. Your violin students will progress quickly and love the violin!”

Shelby Ricks, Violinist and Blogger – From the Root

“I am an adult beginner and have been learning online for three years.  I have a very informal training with the violin.  The Great 38 has helped me with fine tuning basic skills, and helped me to move onto intermediate skills such as shifting and developing vibrato.   Heather’s violin secrets and holistic approach to ALL aspects of playing have motivated me in all directions and it is vastly helping me become the best violinist possible.  My motivation, creativity and over all spiritual connection to my playing has been stimulated and I have never felt so positive and confident in my playing.”

Toni Coker Gomez, Violinist – The Soapy Violinist

“What Heather is doing is brilliant and smart and passionate! What a wonderful age we live in that this is even possible. And that people with talent and passion have a commitment to pass that knowledge on, so that others who may not otherwise get this kind of chance can benefit.”

Kathleen Carlson, Violinist

“Heather Broadbent’s enthusiasm and belief that we can all learn violin at our own pace is infectious. Her ability to dissect violin playing into learnable chunks gets and keeps you in the game. You will be happy with your musicianship if you follow Heather’s programs.”

Dave Harper, Campbell River B.C. Canada, Violinist

“Heather Broadbent taught me how to play violin for ten wonderful years. She shaped me into a great violinist technically, guided me to appreciate music in general, and most importantly, taught me disciplinary skills that made me into the young adult that I am today. I am indeed forever grateful.”

Arielle Exner, Violinist

“Heather has taught my daughter, Laura Barron, for the last seven years.  She is a wonderful teacher. Her lessons are very thorough and detailed.  Her positive approach to lessons is refreshing!  Heather’s students are always well prepared for their performances.”

Laura and Shona Barron, Violinist and Mom

“Heather was my violin instructor in high school. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me a better musician for it. Heather is a patient teacher and she brings your knowledge and skill to another level. I wouldn’t be able to play with such confidence if it wasn’t for Heather.”

Rachel Guthrie, Violinist

“Miss Heather’s teaching is wonderful! She gives me lots of time to work on my pieces, and always makes sure I do my best! I really enjoy her piano lessons.”

– Abby Schissler, age 9

“Heather has been a great piano teacher for our daughter. She is patient and really brings out the best in her.  Abby has really learned a lot in a very short time, and we love hearing her piano playing throughout the house! Abby has much more confidence in herself since beginning her lessons, and having Heather there to encourage her is fantastic!”

– Lynda Schissler (Abby’s mom)

“Heather took on the project of teaching me to play the piano when I was in my 40’s. She is very patient, which is exactly what I needed in a teacher. I appreciated that Heather knew I needed to play some contemporary music along with completing my practice books in order to keep my lessons fun and rewarding.”

– Shari Karasek, Regional Human Resources Director at Lee Enterprises

“I was lucky enough to study violin with Heather from 2003 to 2006, most of my high school career. I look back on those years fondly. Heather taught me that musical talent is a gift, and that there is such beauty in sharing this gift with others. By organizing performances at local homes for elderly patients and at churches, Heather allowed myself and others to give back through sharing music.”

– Kathleen Korndoerfer, Violinist

“Heather is an exceptional teacher. For 7 years, she taught me so much more than I thought she would. Not only did she encourage me and challenge me at the right times as a violinist, but also as a person. She helped build my confidence through playing the violin. Heather’s skill always inspired me to do more; she was always so passionate with any kind of musical piece she would play. I was very grateful and lucky to have her as a teacher!”

– Virginia Fawcett, Violinist

“Having a lesson with you, and having these assignments, I must say you’ve re-awakened my life. I just want to let you know that your videos on teaching beginners has been enormously helpful to me for my young students. The Intermediate level helps me organize and address my own practicing needs.”

Vasi Klinker, Violinist – B Sharp School of Music

“Before I started studying with Heather, I had some position hesitations, intonation issues, and really being able to draw the sound from my instrument. Since working with her, I’ve noticed more confidence in my playing and shifting. More accuracy and ease with my playing. My intonation and all around playing has really been enhanced into something I wouldn’t have been able to do on my own. I’ve learned so much already in just four lessons! I knew she was the perfect teacher for me through her amazing YouTube videos and what I was able to gain from them! She really knows how to get one to enhance their skills and make them a better player! I couldn’t be happier!! I’m so inspired and driven to be a better player now!”

Emilio Arredondo, ViolinistEA VIOLIN

“I started coaching sessions with Heather in January 2014, having been finding my own way along without a teacher for around 3 years. I knew that I had major issues with intonation, tone, timing and vibrato to name but a few, and I had no structure to my practice although I played for an hour and a half every day. I had never tried or even considered violin coaching online but having studied Heather’s website and watched a few videos it looked like she ticked all the boxes. Having a free half hour Skype session with Heather then absolutely convinced me. I found her approach light and inspirational, whilst she was able to shine a laser beam on the weaknesses in my technique in an instant and give me clear instructions on how to correct it, accompanied by exercises to wire it into my nervous system. In the following months since then I have loved every session and have seen week on week improvements in my playing beyond what I dreamed possible. Heather’s way of bringing awareness to every pitch is inspirational and has revolutionized my intonation. Having worked with Heather online for these few months I don’t know if I would want to go back to conventional face to face teaching. It has so many advantages. Heather can just pull up some relevant teaching materials or sheet music and I have it instantly. I get links to videos so that I can continue learning between the sessions and can prep new things that we are going to work on. Plus I get a recording of our session so I can go back and check on anything I wasn’t clear about – and go back to earlier recording to see just how far I have progressed over the weeks. Then one of my favourite things – I get written notes after the session, with what to work on for the next session which has been great for giving me clear guidelines on what to practice each day, providing me with the structure that I had been lacking.

In short, I can’t praise Heather’s coaching sessions highly enough.”

– Nicholas Bourne Hulme, Violinist: https://www.virtuosiviolins.com

“I enjoy your videos and am learning from them.”

– Alex Rosenfeld, Violinist

“I find you to be a breath of fresh air, musically and holistically.”

 – Greg Salgado, Violinist