Janet Clifton

“As a child, I learned to play the fiddle. It was fun, but I was lacking instruction on technique. So, as you can imagine, a plateau was reached and no progression was made past that point, so in the case my violin went for 15 years. Heather’s Weekly Violin Exercise Program and The Great 38 have truly been an inspiration and blessing to me, a homeschool mother of three. I am currently teaching my oldest son and two other children how to play the violin. I never would have dreamed that to be possible. So, from the bottom of my heart, Thank You!”

Janet CliftonViolinist
Sally Anne Wastney

“I am loving the Weekly Violin Exercise Program, I find the video clips each week along with the exercise, helpful and concise, and I love the the focus of a violinist and a composer each week too, all very inspirational and keeps me motivated.  I thought your fourth finger exercise looked brilliant.  A very big thank you to you Heather, you’re style of teaching really works for me. Putting it all into practice and passing it on to my students each day gives me a thrill like no other…….I guess you know all about that. 🙂 A very exciting time to be playing the violin, I’m loving every moment !!”

Sally Anne WastneyViolinistNelson School of Music

“I found Heather because I had broken my left wrist (needed surgery and the whole thing) and I was so bummed and wanted to get back to playing as soon as possible. I found Heather’s wonderful inspiring video of how she was totally cured after her wrist fracture and I felt much better. My recovery went very well and I essentially used playing as my PT. I also went to PT and brought in the violin to show the therapist what I needed to do. I was back at rehearsals in about 4 weeks. I am an amateur violinist but love playing. Thank you Heather for your words of inspiration and of course thank you for your wonderful Weekly Violin Exercise Program. What a gift!”

Irene Glasser, Ph.D.Adjunct Professor in Anthropology, Roger Williams University Adjunct Lecturer, Anthropology Department, Brown University Research Associate, Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies, Brown University Professor Emeritus in Anthropology, Eastern Connecticut State University
Shelby Ricks

“I had the fortunate experience of watching Heather Broadbent’s Vivaldi  Violin Concerto in A Minor violin training videos. I love how she breaks everything down into sections and measure by measure. She tackles the hard part of the concerto, which I think is great. The way she taught through each video created a solid
foundation for me as the student. Not only did she teach me how to play the Vivaldi Concerto in a minor, she also gave me the tools that I will need to teach my students how to play this Concerto as well. I also like how she lets you hear how each line sounds after she has taught individual measures. It allows you to hear the end result and to have a clear sense of not only the mood of the piece, but the musicality of the piece. I recommend all of her violin training videos to people everywhere. She is phenomenal at teaching!!!”

Shelby RicksViolinist and BloggerFrom the Root

”Prior to Violin Secrets Academy, I was really struggling to hold the bow right. I knew what the correct bow hold should look like, but my fingers were too weak to do it, and I didn’t know how to get there from where I was. Immediately after watching Heather’s video on finger strengthening, I learned how to hold my bow properly within a week. Both my teacher and I were AMAZED at the improvement. Now, I actually hold the bow horizontally. Before, there was no possible way…. when I have improvements like these, they really encourage me to keep going. Learning the violin at age 11, seemed so natural (as I remember it), and it seems a lot harder now. But I’ve learned that there’s a solution to every problem, and Violin Secrets Academy videos are the first place I look.”

D. G. ChicagoViolinist
Toni Coker Gomez

“I am an adult beginner and have been learning online for three years.  I have a very informal training with the violin.  The Great 38 has helped me with fine tuning basic skills, and helped me to move onto intermediate skills such as shifting and developing vibrato.   Heather’s violin secrets and holistic approach to ALL aspects of playing have motivated me in all directions and it is vastly helping me become the best violinist possible.  My motivation, creativity and over all spiritual connection to my playing has been stimulated and I have never felt so positive and confident in my playing.”

Toni Coker GomezViolinistThe Soapy Violinist

“I just wanted to drop a line to tell you  that I watch all of your Weekly Violin Exercises and I appreciate what you are doing for everybody out everywhere . When I practice 2 scales everyday out of the 12 or 14 different scales I use your tip about doing the scales with different strokes and beats  to help make it more fun and it works for me. thank you and keep true. Thank-you Heather for all of your video tips, I watch them and practice them all. I am pleased with my progress since Jan 2015, and you have been a big inspiration for me. I think I can do more on the violin now than when I took lessons many years ago.”

Greg MarksViolinist
Kathleen Carlson

“What Heather is doing is brilliant and smart and passionate! What a wonderful age we live in that this is even possible. And that people with talent and passion have a commitment to pass that knowledge on, so that others who may not otherwise get this kind of chance can benefit.”

Kathleen CarlsonViolinist

“Heather Broadbent’s enthusiasm and belief that we can all learn violin at our own pace is infectious. Her ability to dissect violin playing into learnable chunks gets and keeps you in the game. You will be happy with your musicianship if you follow Heather’s programs.”

Dave Harper, Campbell River B.C. CanadaViolinist