Staying motivated and/or disciplined to practice the violin on a daily basis may be difficult for some violinists. Just as easy as it is to fall into a no practice rut, a violinist can find themselves fitted into a daily practice groove.

Right now, ask yourself these two questions:

  • How do I feel when I am in a no practice rut?
  • How do I feel when I am in daily practice groove?
  • How do I feel currently with my practice regimen?
  • How do I want to feel?

Based on your answers to the above questions it is time for you to make the needed adjustments, if any.

Here are 10 tips to help you get inspired to create your own daily practice groove.


  • Play with others

    Nothing is more motivating than having to prepare for a rehearsal. Can you give me an AMEN! Yep, having others actually hear you play the violin can be quite motivational to get that violin out and practice.

    Take an audition and schedule your practice sessions months in advance to get you ready. Release all expectations of winning and go forward learning! I promise, you will be a better violinist for it.

  • Set goals

    Do goals motivate you? I think healthy goals made with the idea of flexibility is key.

    What goals can you set as a violinist?

    • Practice goals: Decide how long you would like to practice daily and for how many days of the week.
    • Repertoire goals: learning how much of a piece by a certain deadline (important to keep those deadlines flexible.)
    • Technique/Exercise/Scale goals: Decide how many scales you want to practice, how much time devoted to exercises and/or create  deadline to learn a specific technique or new position.
  • Put those goals in a calendar

    I LOVE Google Calendar. No matter the calendar you use, be sure to mark in your practice times and put those goals with deadline in you your calendar! 

  • Enroll in a Master Class or Immersion program

    It is so important to forever be a perpetual student. This is how violinists grow. Find an educational method that works for you. Enroll in one of OVE’s Master Class or Immersion Programs that fits into the goals you created for yourself.

  • Join an online study group

    Community is super key to success in your violin journey. You never want to feel that you are all alone in this adventure. Adventures are more fun with more than one and the same goes for your violin journey.

    Community and support help you grow, stay educated, motivated and disciplined. If you haven’t already come over and join Online Violin Education’s free facebook study group!

  • Keep a journal

    Journal out your practice sessions – what went well, what didn’t go so well and what 3 key items you will work on in your next practice session.

  • Take weekly lessons

    Find yourself a kick ass teacher and get your ass kicked 🙂 Nothing more motivating than an exceptional violin teacher.

  • Record Yourself

    Recording yourself can not only be motivating but enlightening AND help out your ear. It is like shining a light on the darkness. Listen to yourself before you have others listen to you.

  • Video Exchange

    Video exchange is a great way to have a relaxed lesson at less of the cost of in person lessons. It is also a great way to get multiple teachers to listen to you and give feedback. Create one video and send out to multiple teachers. You can check out my video exchange page here.

  • Create/Compose

    I always tell my students to set aside what I call creation time. Just pick up the violin and create something out of nothing. This can be extremely motivating, inspirational and meditative at the same time. Next time you are in a foul mood, get out your violin to channel those emotions into creating something positive.

    Love Yourself, Love Your Journey.

Please share in the comments below what motivates your daily practicing groove?

Happy Magical Practices,

P.S. Looking for an excellent method book devoted specifically to the fourth finger in different positions? Be sure to check out Fourth Finger Fitness – Strengthening exercises designed specifically for the fourth finger. These books WILL revolutionize your fourth finger, with practice of course.



Heather is a classically trained concert violinist performing with the Gabrovo Chamber Orchestra in Bulgaria. She received her BM violin performance degree from CU -Boulder, studied with top teachers including Rachel Barton Pine. Ms. Broadbent has held leadership positions with multiple orchestras in the Greater Chicago-Milwaukee area. She has instructed thousands of violinists globally via youtube videos, online Academy, E-Courses, group coaching and one on one intensives. Heather’s students have won multiple awards, concerto competitions, held concertmaster positions in orchestras and even performed in Carnegie Hall. Heather is an advocate of a holistic violin lifestyle – putting one’s mind, body and spirit as a violin journey priority.

Heather Broadbent


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